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Dirt and sweat are the archenemies of a treadmill as well as of other cardio equipment, such as, elliptical cross trainers, stationary bikes and rowers. Keeping a treadmill and the area under and near it clean can add to the treadmill's longevity and help to reduce the long term maintenance costs.

If dust and dirt are allowed to accumulate on the floor beneath a treadmill, it will eventually get sucked into the treadmill's motor compartment and get attached to the inside of the walking belt. When enough gets into the treadmill's motor compartment, it covers the treadmill's motor controller, power supply and drive motor, keeping the treadmill's fan from properly cooling the components. The motor cover or shroud usually has ventilation slots that may also get clogged, further obstructing the cooling process. This unnecessary excessive heat will shorten the life of the treadmill's electronics and drive motor. The dust can also interfere with the function of the speed sensor if the treadmill is equipped with an optical speed sensor.

When the dust and dirt get attached to the bottom of the running belt, they cause the belt to act like sandpaper as it goes around the treadmill's rollers and drags the grit across the treadmill's deck. That will cause premature physical wear of the running belt, contaminate the wax on the deck and ruin the phenolic surface of the deck, which will cause the treadmill to increase the demand upon the drive motor, power supply and motor controller and cause them to draw more current. The high current draw associated with the increased demand will shorten the life expectancy of the treadmill's drive motor, motor controller and power supply. It is also important to keep the foot rails and visible aides of the deck surface clean for the same reason.

Like tires on a car, running belts and decks wear out from normal use. Keeping the treadmill clean will help you to get the maximum longevity out of the treadmill's motor, motor control circuitry, walking belt and deck.

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