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If you need to put a treadmill in storage, here are a few things you can do to store it properly. With the treadmill unplugged from any power source, remove the motor cover and set it aside for the time being. Now that the motor compartment is accessible, loosen the drive belt to the point where there is just enough tension on it to keep the drive belt in place. If your treadmill came equipped with a safety magnet, safety clip cord assembly, safety lanyard or any similar device that is detachable without the use of tools, remove it from the treadmill, seal it in a plastic bag and tape the plastic bag to the treadmill drive motor for safe keeping and replace the motor cover and fasten it securely. Then go to the rear of the treadmill and use the tracking adjustment screws (see your treadmill owner's manual) to loosen the running belt slightly by backing off the tracking bolts three full turns. These procedures are suggested in order to take the stress off the bearings in the treadmill's drive motor, drive roller and the rear roller. They will also help to prevent the treadmill's drive belt and running belt from getting distorted.

Coil the treadmill's power cord and using electrical tape, bind the coil to either of the uprights that support the display console. Now you are ready to transport the treadmill to the storage facility. The storage facility does not have to be room temperature, but should not have extreme temperatures, nor frequent wide temperature fluctuations and should have low humidity. Place the treadmill on a flat surface in its usual upright position and cover it with a lightweight tarp to protect it from dust and grime.

When the treadmill is restored to service, just reverse the procedures, but it is highly recommended that you have a qualified treadmill service technician do it. Just putting too much tension on the drive belt can ruin a good drive motor and drive roller. It is also a good time to have the treadmill service provider perform basic preventive maintenance on the treadmill.


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