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If it is at all possible, avoid using an extension cord to bring power to a treadmill. An extension cord is seldom the exact length required to reach the plug on the end of the treadmill's power cord and since it can't be shorter than necessary, it is usually much longer than necessary. That extra length tends to get kicked under the treadmill and frequently gets caught in the treadmill's elevation mechanism, which results in a cut power cord and a tripped circuit breaker, while the treadmill is being used. The sudden loss of power causes the treadmill to shut off and stops the motion of the running belt unexpectedly, which could result in injury to the user.

Most better quality home treadmills require a 15 Amp power supply and most general purpose extension cords rob some of that required power. The power loss over the length of the extension cord is negligible when it is used to serve a lamp, clock radio or some other appliance that has a low power demand, but can be critical when the extension cord is used with a treadmill, especially an older treadmill or one being used by a heavy user or a runner.

A safer practice is to relocate the treadmill so that it is closer to an outlet. If that is not possible, before resorting to the use of an extension cord, check your owner's manual; many discourage the use of an extension cord or clearly state not to use one at all. If your owner's manual doesn't expressly rule out the use of one and you must use an extension cord to reach your home treadmill, use one that has three 14 gauge conductors and is no longer than twelve feet. We recommend the TREADCORD, an extension cord for residential treadmills that is rated for 15 Amps and 1,875 Watts. Never run an extension cord under carpeting, furniture or gym equipment. and never use an adaptor to facilitate any of the connections.

Avoid using an extension cord to serve a commercial treadmill, if it is at all avoidable. It is better to relocate the treadmill or have an appropriately located outlet installed. If you absolutely must use a n extension cord for a commercial treadmill, use a TREADCORD MAXX, which is rated for 20 Amp service.


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